About Us Page in Android

An About Us Page is just the activity or fragment you use to render more information about you company. It is similar to the about us pages in websites.

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    Android About Page

    It is a library allowing you create an about us page in a few minutes with minimal efforst.



    implementation 'com.github.medyo:android-about-page:1.2.4'


    Then just create the about us page like below:

    View aboutPage = new AboutPage(this)
      .addGroup("Connect with us")

    Some social networks are already defined in the library:

    addFacebook(String PageID)
    addTwitter(String AccountID)
    addYoutube(String AccountID)
    addPlayStore(String PackageName)
    addInstagram(String AccountID)
    addGitHub(String AccountID)

    Find more about the library and the example here.

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