Android AdapterView

Some types of views rely on an Adapter for the purpose of data binding.

These types of views are called AdapterViews.

AdapterView belongs to android.widget package.

package android.widget

It’s a generic class with the Adapter as the generic type.

android.widget.AdapterView<T extends android.widget.Adapter>

Examples of AdapterViews

There are three abstract classes inheriting from the AdapterView directly:

Subclass Description
AbsListView Base class used to create virtualized lists. Direct parent of ListView and GridView.
AbsSpinner Base class used to create spinner and gallery.
AdapterViewAnimator Class used by other adapterview children as base for creation of animations when switching between views.

There are also many classes that do inherit from this class indirectly. Here the most popular among them:

View Description
GridView Renders Items ina 2D scrolling grid.
ListView Renders items in a scrollable vertical list.
ExpandableListeView Renders items in a scrollable vertical two level list.
Spinner Renders items in a dropdown, allowing user pick one at a time.




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