Greatest RecyclerView LayoutManagers

A LayoutManager is responsible for positioning items in a recyclerview. The three standard layout managers provided by android sdk include:

  1. LinearLayoutManager
  2. GridLayoutManager
  3. StaggeredGrid LayoutManager

However amazing developers have already developed dozens of third party libraries.

In this piece  we ask you contribute some awesome layout managers you’ve come across , used or developed for others.


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1 Example

  1. FanLayoutManager

    Fan Layout Manager allows you to implement horizontal lists, in which items move like  like fan blades (in a circular way of a radius to your choice). To give a slightly chaotical effect to the motion, it’s possible to set an angle for the list items. So, every implementation of the library can be unique.


    The library is hosted in jcenter. To install it:

    implementation 'com.cleveroad:fan-layout-manager:1.0.5'

    Then to use it:


    fanLayoutManager = new FanLayoutManager(getContext());

    An item can be selected or deselected:


    fanLayoutManager.switchItem(recyclerView, itemPosition); // select/deselect


    Customization is easy:

    FanLayoutManagerSettings fanLayoutManagerSettings = FanLayoutManagerSettings
    fanLayoutManager = new FanLayoutManager(getContext(), fanLayoutManagerSettings);


    Find the library here.


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Share an Example

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